Start A Chapter



Starting a new DECA chapter at your high school will be one of the best decisions you ever make. As you begin this process, remember the Washington DECA and DECA, Inc. staff are here to assist you:

Nancy Hanlon, Director of Operations, Washington DECA         

[email protected] | 206.285.1195

Kim Frahm, Chapter Support, Washington DECA

[email protected] | 206.802.2877 

Matt Arnette, Membership Manager, DECA Inc

[email protected] | 703.860.5000 ext. 243



  • Talk to a business or marketing teacher at your school about becoming your chapter's DECA advisor. DECA provides a framework for teachers interested in getting students focused on academics, leadership, and becoming involved in the greater community. 
  • Generate support among the school administration, ASB, and key decision makers by promoting the benefits of having a DECA program within your high school.
  • Generate excitement among the student body by promoting the benefits of being a DECA member.


  • Learn about our New Advisor In-Service Training and Advisor Development and Mentoring Program
  • Complete the online form to create a new DECA chapter. Once your request is approved, you will receive a user name and password to access the DECA online membership system.
  • Meet with your school's administration to discuss the benefits of DECA, the adoption of DECA as an ASB organization, the creation of a DECA account,     travel and field trip policies and requirements, acquiring transportation and funding, and including DECA activities on your school calendar.
  • Using your user name and password, register your chapter's members in DECA's online membership system. The member registration deadline is November 15. For detailed instructions, please download the Washington DECA Membership Procedures document. You can also view the Membership Registration Video Tutorial.
  • Pay your chapter's State and National dues. The deadline for payment is December 15. An invoice will be emailed to you for each group of members (rosters) you submit. Send your invoice(s) to your finance official(s) as soon as possible to ensure prompt payment.

Membership Payments

To Pay by Check:
Mail check(s) to DECA, Inc., 1908 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191.

Do not mail membership payments to Washington DECA.

To Pay by Credit Card:
Log in to DECA Membership and pay online or call 703.860.5000 and ask for the data management department. There will be a convenience fee of 3% on all charged amounts.



  • Identify the programs and activities you will use in your classroom. Review the Bring Your Classroom to Life Viewbook for an overview of DECA's learning programs and activities.
  • Download the Be a Hero Advisor Guidebook, full of helpful information for new DECA advisors. 
  • Develop a chapter constitution.  
  • Select a student leadership team. Your chapter constitution helps determine which leadership positions your chapter will select and the process for selection. Review leadership team job descriptions on page 17 of the Be a Hero Advisor Guidebook.
  • Create a program of work. Your program of work should list all of your chapter activities, including budget, people involved, and dates/deadlines. This guides your chapter for the year. Be sure to review the Washington DECA Calendar and the DECA Inc. Calendar to help guide you in your planning. 


Advisors and Student Leaders

  • Introduce DECA to students/potential members. Utilize the DECA promotional video, the DECA, Inc. website, and other resources to promote DECA to your students.
  • Engage members by publicizing chapter events. Involve your members in DECA chapter activities and promote them to all students, teachers, administrators, and community members.
  • Build your chapter membership. Implement strategies to build membership in both the short and the long term.