Student Recognition

The Emerging Leader Honor Award is a key way for DECA members in their senior year of high school to distinguish themselves and the experience and success they have gained on the DECA emerging leadership journey.

DECA Seniors are recognized for all their years as student members and their pursuit of the DECA Guiding Principles to be academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders.

Eligible recipients of the DECA Emerging Leader Honor Award must:

  1. Be a DECA member at the local, chartered association and DECA Inc. levels
  2. Be a senior
  3. Have an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.2 for the seven previous semesters (with 4.0 being equal to an A)
  4. Complete one course in any one of the following areas:
     – Marketing
     – Business Management & Administration
     – Entrepreneurship
     – Finance
     – Hospitality and Tourism
  5. Participate in at least three of the areas listed under Community Oriented, Professionally Responsible and Experienced Leader

Applications are due January 30 each year.

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Contact your DECA Teacher Advisor for more information or visit the Emerging Leader Honor Award program for application procedures and criteria.

Each year, Washington DECA selects a chapter member who has gone above and beyond in support of their DECA chapter, school, and community. The Member of the Year will be recognized at the State Career Development Conference.

Applications are due January 23 each year.

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Chapter Recognition

DECA Campaigns

DECA offers five unique campaigns that help grow chapters and build lasting partnerships between DECA schools and the community. Through these campaigns, participating DECA chapters can earn recognition, including certificates, pennants, plaques, flags, and allocations to attend the THRIVE Academy at the DECA International Career Development Conference.

Visit for more information about campaign guidelines and submission instructions:

Just like in business, continual growth is one of the keys to success. DECA’s membership campaign is designed to help chapters grow by making the DECA experience available to more student members, keeping alumni involved and engaging professional members such as administrators, teachers, parents and business partners. Recognition for the Membership Campaign is determined based on membership submitted in the online membership system.
Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week in November through this campaign. Submit three DECA Idea Challenge entries and conduct three school or community outreach activities during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Then simply submit your information along with three alumni entrepreneur success stories.
This campaign provides chapter members an opportunity to share with their school and community what DECA is all about and how their chapter is making a positive impact on its members and community. Conduct three school outreach activities, three community outreach activities and share three alumni success stories to complete this campaign.
DECA members are always finding unique ways to serve their community. Get recognized for your efforts through the Community Service Campaign. Document one or more community service activities, be sure to have at least 75% of your members involved, and create at least one form of publicity or promotion.
This campaign takes place in February during Career and Technical Education Month. To get recognized for the Advocacy Campaign, complete three school outreach activities, three public policymaker outreach activities and three community outreach activities. Through this campaign, your community will have increased awareness about Career and Technical Education!

Washington DECA Campaigns

Washington DECA also offers special campaigns unique to Washington.

Do you love your CTSO? Create a brief plan and logo to help promote Career and Technical Student Organizations. The winning design will be featured in promotional materials.     

For more information, download the application:

CTSO Promotion Plan Application

Washington DECA is teaming up with the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission and other sponsors and community leaders to eliminate traffic deaths due to distracted driving. Through the DECA student voice and community efforts, Washington DECA is raising awareness for this important issue.  

For more information on how you can get involved with Washington DECA’s Distracted Driving Campaign, call Brent Mason at 206.285.1195 or email at [email protected].



Washington DECA ended the 2017–2018 school year with 11,126 members! Our goal is to increase our membership to 12,000 in order to earn additional competitive event allocations at ICDC. Help us reach our goal!   

The following chapters will be recognized with an award:   

Chapter with the Highest Overall Percentage Membership Increase 
The chapter with the overall highest percentage increase in the state will receive an award on stage at SCDC.

Largest Chapter 
The chapter with the most members in the state will receive an award on stage at SCDC.

Area Chapters with the Highest Percentage Membership Increase 
One chapter in each area, with the highest percentage membership increase, will be awarded with a certificate of achievement at their area conference.

Largest Chapter per Area 
The chapter with the overall highest percentage increase, will be awarded with a certificate of achievement at their area conference.