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MISSION MONDAY: Shifa Somji from Newport High School

Mission Monday is a weekly feature where we showcase our student members and the work they're doing to live out Washington DECA's mission of providing business and leadership opportunities to high school students to succeed in school, careers and life. The following is a project by Shifa Somji from Newport High School. 

Large numbers of young girls sign up to play chess in elementary schools; yet, by middle school, most of them quit playing chess. Out of about 1500 Grand Masters in the world, only 30 are women. 

The mission of Chess4Girls is to create a conducive environment for girls to continue playing chess through middle school, high school, and beyond. Chess4Girls will offer workshops, strategy sessions, and girl-exclusive chess tournaments.

It is immensely important that women continue playing chess. Chess improves reading scores and emotional intelligence and levels the intellectual playing field between genders, but it does so much more. 

Through playing chess, women learn to have faith in their intellectual abilities when they venture into life's situations where they are the only girl or woman in a room. We want women to feel confident in their intellect and abilities whether it is at a chess tournament, in a computer science class, or in a boardroom of a major tech company.

We want to remove the misconception that chess is a male-only game, and we want to see a day when the World Chess Federation crowns a woman as their champion.