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Mission Monday: Dharma Shah and Carisa Steimle from Puyallup High School

Mission Monday: Dharma Shah and Carisa Steimle from Puyallup High School

Mission Monday is a weekly feature where we showcase our student members and the work they're doing to live out Washington DECA's mission of providing business and leadership opportunities to high school students to succeed in school, careers and life. The following is an entrepreneurship project by Dharma Shah and Carisa Steimle from Puyallup High School.

Plus Pie: Bakery + Paintery

Plus Pie creates customized single serving pies to expand pie possibilities and keep prices low, eliminating the need to ever have to purchase a subpar family sized frozen pie. Plus Pie will create our pies right in front of our customers where they can choose their crust type, filling, and extra mix ins. We also provide an art package with the canvas and all the supplies to go along with the pie. The convenient location of Puyallup takes away the obnoxious drive for those who are currently driving to major cities for their pie.

Our long-term goal for Plus Pie is to expand our business into new locations in the Pacific North West. The surplus cash from the first five years of our business will combine with another small loan to go directly towards a new store-front in Gig Harbor, which is home to a similar demographic that would value a new small business. We project for our first business, within the three years we will be making substantially more money with more streams of revenue. Eventually, we will look to expand our business into Oregon and Eastern Washington. Our ultimate goal is to be a staple of the Pacific Northwest, to become a destination that tourists make a point to seek out due to our popularity and the consistency of our brand.