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MISSION MONDAY: Priyanka Rao, Sai Raksha Rayala, and Da-Jeong Yoon from Jackson High School

Mission Monday is a weekly feature where we showcase our student members and the work they're doing to live out Washington DECA's mission of providing business and leadership opportunities to high school students to succeed in school, careers and life. 

The following is a project by Priyanka Rao, Sai Raksha Rayala, and Da-Jeong Yoon from Jackson High School.

The average student debt balances at $23,200. The primary contributor to this issue is the unfortunate lack of comprehension in the importance and knowledge of financial literacy. 

The absence of Financial Literacy in American public school systems must take precedence as an urgent dilemma. An initiative must be implemented to alter this inevitable future for Generation Z. Using Jumpstart Coalition’s National Competency Standards of Spending and Saving (Budgeting), Credit and Debt, and Financial Decision Making, we synthesized goals specific to each event inclusive of our target market. 

We were able to successfully accomplish all of our comprehension and metric goals, leaving a long-lasting impression on a grand total of over 10,164 people. The Make it Count! campaign has definitively enriched our community and the Jackson DECA chapter’s overall financial literacy knowledge. 

For further enhancement of future continuations of the Make it Count! campaign, we recommend the following to be executed: 

1. Broaden the reach of the campaign in regards to target markets, such as incorporating all of the fourth-grade classrooms of a school and even targeting other grade levels.
2. Expand methods of approach when targeting the intended audiences, such as inviting more diverse, experienced financial experts.