Washington DECA

Mission Monday: Amanda Wion from Mercer Island High School

This mission of Friends of Youth (FOY) is to provide youth and families with resources and

support to attain growth and success through their various programs in the Greater Seattle

Area. This project focused on the goal of creating sustainable resources for the organization

through three components: 1) A raffle for Mercer Island High School’s (MIHS) principal’s

parking spot, $500 was raised through ticket sales and were donated to FOY 2) A DECA

chapter-wide event to make blankets for homeless youth resulting in 87 blankets created and 3

) A book drive for books suitable for ages 0-21, 323 books were donated. Not only did this

project focus on providing resources for Friends of Youth, but the entire MIHS DECA chapter

was educated on prevalent issues in our community. It is essential that high school students

are aware of the difficulties children and teens face every day and know how to get involved.

This project successfully provided tangible donations and raised unparalleled awareness and

support for the struggles youth face every day and the incredible things organizations like

Friends of youth are doing to provide aid.