Washington DECA

MISSION MONDAY: Morgan Armstrong, Emily Kramer, Brooke Rusch from Lewis & Clark High School

Working the Bite2Go hunger relief program at our school has exemplified the emerging leaders in ourselves by preparing us for our future careers.

Competing in the Community Service Project, Emily, Morgan, and Brooke have been working a hunger relief program at their school providing peers with a bag of food to take home with them over the weekend.  Working with the local food bank to get their food, they are able to provide items to create filling and substantial meals to help make ends meet in students lives. Their Bite2Go can provide up to 75 students with these bags of food every week. These girls have exemplified immense leadership skills as they operate this student-ran program and assign tasks to other students. Also, they have shown how this project has prepared them for future careers through the real life experiences and problem solving they have encountered. Learning how to give back to peers, be compassionate and aware of hunger issues in their own community, and dedicate themselves to a project, Bite2Go is a learning tool for students throughout the year.

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