Washington DECA

MISSION MONDAY: Rosemary Huang and Sachi Madan from Newport High School

Mission Monday is a weekly feature where we showcase our student members and the work they're doing to live out Washington DECA's mission of providing business and leadership opportunities to high school students to succeed in school, careers and life. The following is a project by Rosemary Huang and Sachi Madan from Newport High School.

"On average, Newport students take 2.45 AP tests per year, resulting in 4-5 hours of studying and homework every night. While pushing oneself can be a good, when it gets to the point of students seeing therapists, taking medication for anxiety, and having regular mental breakdowns, the urgency of the problem becomes evident. The Newport DECA Chapter decided it was time to take action. 

When presented with the Fork in the Road, many students chose to take the more difficult path - to try and de-stress their lives, beating out the culture at Newport High School. No project can completely change a culture or eradicate a practice in just three months, but the Newport DECA Chapter made great strides towards convincing students of the importance of the issue and to take their mental health a little more seriously."