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    Mission Monday: Amanda Wion from Mercer Island High School

    This mission of Friends of Youth (FOY) is to provide youth and families with resources andsupport to attain growth and success through their various programs in the Greater SeattleArea. This project focused on the goal of creating sustainable resources for the organizationthrough three components: 1) A raffle for Mercer Island High School’s (MIHS) principal’sparking spot, $500 was raised through ticket sales and were donated to FOY 2) A DECAchapter-wide event to make blankets for hom...  Read More...

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    MISSION MONDAY: Morgan Armstrong, Emily Kramer, Brooke Rusch from Lewis & Clark High School

    Working the Bite2Go hunger relief program at our school has exemplified the emerging leaders in ourselves by preparing us for our future careers.Competing in the Community Service Project, Emily, Morgan, and Brooke have been working a hunger relief program at their school providing peers with a bag of food to take home with them over the weekend.  Working with the local food bank to get their food, they are able to provide items to create filling and substantial meals to help make ends meet...  Read More...

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    Get Ready for the State Career Development Conference!

    Now that our area competitions have come to a close, it time to start working together to prepare for the rest of the year in your chapters and areas! In the time from now until our state conference from February 28 - March 1st, try and plan an event for your chapter members to participate in. Getting to know your chapter members is important, as it shows what we can do when we work together.   Read More...

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    1st Quarter News

    Latest news from Washington DECA for our 1st quarter back at school.Download   Read More...

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    MISSION MONDAY: Josh Walters & Omid Kazamani

    "What if?"That's the question that can solve a world of problems we didn't know existed. Skyline High School students Josh Walters & Omid Kazamani developed a new store layout & signage in response to customer confusion in retail stores. To tackle the needs in the back to school industry, they also created the concept of Back-to-School Bundles, grab-and-go collections of school essentials like pens, pencils, paper, and note cards. This #MissionMonday was for their Buying &...  Read More...

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