Washington DECA

Get Ready for the State Career Development Conference!

Now that our area competitions have come to a close, it time to start working together to prepare for the rest of the year in your chapters and areas! In the time from now until our state conference from February 28 - March 1st, try and plan an event for your chapter members to participate in. Getting to know your chapter members is important, as it shows what we can do when we work together.  

Bowling is a great way to do something together, as you can get many members to participate. Consider planning ahead and calling your local bowling alley for rates and see if they can accept reservations. Most people really come out their shell while playing, plus what DECA member doesn’t love a good competition?

Another idea to help your group bond is to create a “secret note” kind of project for each member attending SCDC. Similar to a secret Santa gift exchange, each member will secretly choose another member to write encouraging words for SCDC, and when you all get together to compete, you can swap notes. This is especially great for those first time SCDC competitors out there who might be feeling a little bit nervous. 

Also, make sure to share your photos using #WADECA and #SCDC2019 for a possible shout out on our social media!

The best kind of unity and encouragement from inside your chapters comes directly from you as a member and leader to other members. Let's show each other how strong we can be together as Washington DECA!