Candidate Exam

The test has 50 objective questions (multiple choice, true/false, matching) covering general DECA knowledge, the Code of Conduct, and the Washington DECA organization. To prepare for the exam, download the:


You are responsible for securing your own proctor to administer your online test and providing their information in your candidate application. Information regarding access to the test will be sent to your local chapter advisor and your proctor should coordinate with your advisor to obtain this information.

Failure to complete the test may result in immediate disqualification.

The test makes up 25% of an area president candidate’s overall score. The test is 50 questions long and is worth one point each. Test scores will be divided by 2 in order to be properly weighted at 25% of the candidate’s total score. For example, a test score of 40/50 will be recorded on the cover sheet as 20/25. Odd numbers divided by 2 are to be recorded to the tenth’s place (e.g. 20.5)

For more information, download the Area President Candidate Guide.